Protect Yourself from the Spray of the Elgin Skunk

Skunks is a very docile Elgin creature and will rather flee the site rather than to confront the dangers. Although some people will think that the skunk will use their spray during a slight provocation, they will only use this as their last option. They will first give you warning signs that will enable you to keep a good distance from them and avoid their spray.

How to Avoid the Spray of the Skunk

The Illinois skunk will always attempt to run away especially when there is a human presence. In case you leave the poor creature without any escape route and it thinks that its life is in peril, it will stomp its feet first before releasing its nauseating spray. It may also try to intimidate the attacker by hissing and showing aggressive behavior.

Notice the Warning Signs

As we mentioned above, the Illinois skunk will create multiple warning signs before it released its musk. It will shuffle backward and tramp its feet. Once you notice that it is raising its tail, it is recommended to stay away from it. Simply backing away will calm the creature and can help avert the skunk from releasing its spray. Knowing these signs will help you protect yourself from their suffocating spray.

Stay Away from Them

If you are at least 10 ft close to the Elgin skunk, then you are highly at risk of getting sprayed. Skunks are nearsighted and their accuracy will greatly diminish beyond the 10 ft. mark. It is recommended to keep at least 20 ft away from them if you don’t want to experience temporary blindness from their spray. 

Keep Them Calm

Skunks are passive Illinois creatures and will likely leave your property without any provocation. Once you find yourself close to the skunk, we advise you to remain calm and do not do anything that may startle the skunk. Shooing them and stomping your feet can lead to a horrible surprise. You will have to give them enough space to escape to avoid their musk. The spray of the skunk is used as their defense mechanism and they will only use it when they are being coerced. In case you have been sprayed with the skunk’s oil, resist the temptation of strangling them since they can spray you 8 consecutive times. This may worsen your situation.

Protecting Your Pets

Apart from protecting yourself, you should also keep your pets protected from their spray. Skunks are nocturnal creatures so you need to keep the cats and dogs indoors at night. You should also seal the pet door since they can use this to enter your house. In the event that your pets have been sprayed with their musk, you can clean them with an alkaline-based soap. You should also seek the help of the veterinarian to lessen the suffering of your pet. Remember that the stench of their spray can easily transfer to you so keep yourself covered.

Finally, you need to get them out of your Elgin property to stay away from their spray. Call the help of the wildlife removal specialist to deal with them.

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