3 MOST Effective Ways to Get Rid of Elgin Rats Without Killing Them

Most Elgin homeowners will think that a single rat in their house should not be a cause of panic. However, if there is a single rodent in your house, it is possible that there can be more of them hiding in the dark. Once the rats build their nest in your property, getting rid of them can be tough. Having them in your house is not only unsanitary. It can also carry pathogens that can cause lethal illnesses.

Non-Lethal Methods to Get Rid of Rats

If you can’t find it in your heart to harm this Illinois creature, but you also do not appreciate their presence in your house, there are simple methods that you can use to get rid of them. These methods are quite effective and will not cause the creature any unnecessary pain.

Elgin Rat-Proofing

One of the simplest methods to avoid rat infestation is to have a preventive measure in place. Most of our houses will be invaded by this rodent during the cold winter season. They are looking for a comfortable and warm place where they can raise the baby rats. In case there is a tree close to your house, it is probably time to trim down the low-lying branches. Most rats will use branches as a bridge to access our attic. Find any holes that the rat can use as an access point and seal it. You may use steel wool, hardware cloth, or steel plate when covering the holes. If possible, place your trashcan away from your home.  Rats will also use your old boxes as their nesting place. This can be an opportunity for you to declutter your stuff and limit the materials that they can use for their nest.

Maintain the Cleanliness of Your House

Rodents will invade an Illinois house that is unsanitary. If you do not want to attract the attention of the rat, then it is time for you to dispose your garbage. Clean your attic, garage, and basement. Store your foods in an airtight container. It is also advisable to use a metal trashcan that comes with a secured lid. Rats are scavenger and the perishable items in your trash are free food for them. Rats can survive just by eating a few grams of food per day. A couple of crumbs and food scraps would be enough to draw their attention.

Non-Lethal Traps

Catch-and-Release traps are also good options to capture the Illinois rats without harming them. However, when using traps, be sure that there will be adequate water and food inside the trap. Otherwise, the rat can still die from starvation and dehydration. Be certain that you will check the trap at least once per day. When releasing the creature, check the local guidelines regarding the release of the rats to guarantee that you are not violating any laws. 

Finally, you can ask the Elgin professionals to handle this situation. They can use a range of techniques that will not harm the creature. They can even deal with the cleaning process to exterminate the parasites and pathogens left behind.

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