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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Elgin! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Elgin, IL. Customer service can make a huge impact on the experience that people will have regardless of the industry, but when it comes to animal control we feel our service is friendly, professional and among the best in the business. Our telephone agents are trained in all of the different types of queries they may receive, so if you have a question then they will usually be able to offer a great answer. They can also arrange for one of our technicians to visit your home and business to deal with pest animals, or if you are making enquiries they can also give you a ballpark estimate of the costs of using our service. Rodents are found in almost every area of the country, and we pride ourselves on dealing with rodents efficiently and effectively, and giving you the peace of mind of knowing they have been fully removed. We can also deal with both flying and ground dwelling animals in different parts of your home, using the most effective way that will be tailored to the species and to the features of your home. If there is any damage such as gnawed wires, soiled insulation or holes made by the animals, we can also repair all of these for you too. Call us now at 224-637-1519 for your Elgin wildlife control needs.

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Elgin Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Will an Illinois Fox Be a Threat to the Farm Animals and Pets?

Some Elgin people will think that foxes are killing only for pleasure. However, they will only kill excessive prey if opportunity arises. Even if they are not hungry, they will still hunt for prey to store them and consume them on a latter period. This is an excellent strategy since there are instances when their hunting will not be successful. During a unique situation such as in a chicken coop, they can go through a killing spree. The creature will kill more than what they can consume.

Protecting Your Farm Animals and Pets against Fox

Fox are not directly related to livestock loss. However, they will still attack Illinois livestock wherein they will kill creatures that is more than necessary. In order to keep them safe, there are some tips that we will provide to you.

Protecting Your Lambs

The Elgin lamb loss related to the attack of the fox is relatively low. In fact, fox predation is less significant when compared to the other reasons of lamb mortality rate. The primary reason of lamb death will be related to low husbandry standard. The best way to reduce their mortality rate would be to improve the husbandry. The practice of lambing indoors has proved to be beneficial to the lambs. Introducing guard animals can also help in protecting the lambs like alpacas. Some species that have been breed to protect the lambs would be Akbash Dog and certain species of sheepdog.

Protecting Your Chicken

Today, most of the chickens will be raised under battery condition. This keeps them safe from the attack of the fox. This means that fox will not be your problem under this situation. The losses related to the attack of the fox are also considerably low. Introducing protective measures in your chicken coop like electric fencing will keep the foxes at bay. In case you are keeping chicken for your family use will experience less loss. This is especially true for the chickens that are kept in house at night.

Are Foxes Threat to Cats?

It is very possible for an Illinois cat to be attacked by a fox but this situation is highly unlikely. The territorial range of the average fox will also be occupied by at least 100 cats. Some of these cats will be out in the night when the fox will be active. This means that it is possible for the fox to encounter a cat. When a fight broke up between the fox and the cat, the fox will not get out unscathed. The fox will choose to attack animals that are weaker where they will be safe from injury. They will prefer to hunt smaller mammals such as rats and mice.

While the Elgin fox will not be the primary threat to our pets and farm animals, it is still advisable to keep them indoors when there is a fox invasion. The fox can launch an attack if they feel like they are being threatened by the other animals.